A building or premises shall be used only for the following purposes in the L-1 Light Manufacturing District:
   (A)   Any use permitted in the C-2 Commercial District; except that, new residential structures shall not be permitted after 8-26-1956;
   (B)   The manufacture, compounding, processing, packaging or treatment of such products as:
      (1)   Bakery goods;
      (2)   Candy;
      (3)   Cosmetics;
      (4)   Pharmaceuticals;
      (5)   Toiletries; and
      (6)   Food products (except fish and meat products, sauerkraut, vinegar, yeast and the rendering or refining of fats and oils).
   (C)   The manufacture, compounding, assembling or treatment of articles or merchandise from the following previously prepared materials:
      (1)   Bone;
      (2)   Cellophane;
      (3)   Canvas;
      (4)   Cloth;
      (5)   Cork;
      (6)   Feathers;
      (7)   Felt;
      (8)   Fiber;
      (9)   Fur;
      (10)   Glass;
      (11)   Hair;
      (12)   Horn;
      (13)   Paper;
      (14)   Plastics;
      (15)   Precious or semiprecious metals or stones;
      (16)   Previously prepared metals;
      (17)   Shell;
      (18)   Tanned leather;
      (19)   Textiles;
      (20)   Wood (excluding planing mill); and
      (21)   Yarns.
   (D)   The manufacture of pottery and figurines or other similar ceramic products, using only previously pulverized clay and kilns fired only by electricity or gas;
   (E)   Assembly of electrical appliances, electronic instruments and devices;
   (F)   Automobile painting, upholstering, repairing, reconditioning, body and fender works;
   (G)   Creamery or bottling plant;
   (H)   Contractor’s equipment storage yard or plant, retail of equipment commonly used by contractors;
   (I)   Laboratories, experimental or testing;
   (J)   Laundry, cleaning and dyeing works and carpet and rug cleaning;
   (K)   Lumberyard and coal yard;
   (L)   Plumbing or sheet metal shop;
   (M)   Wholesale business, storage and warehouses;
   (N)   The underground storage of petroleum and chemical products provided such storage shall be maintained in strict compliance with all applicable national and state standards for the storage of such materials; and
   (O)   There shall be the following additional uses permitted in the L-1 District:
      (1)   Any and all municipal uses;
      (2)   Uses and activities related to municipal uses by non-municipal operators;
      (3)   Outdoor sales of personal property for a period not in excess of three days;
      (4)   The storage of abandoned and towed vehicles and items of seized personal property;
      (5)   The erection of tents or other temporary structures for a period of not more than 30 days;
      (6)   The storage of building, construction and roadway maintenance supplies, indoors or out; and
      (7)   The permanent erection of outdoor advertising signs, if located within 660 feet of an interstate expressway.
(Prior Code, § 156.176) (Ord. 74-O-874, passed - -1974; Ord. 98-O-1645, passed 6-17-1998)