All proposals containing more than four living units must be submitted to the Plan Commission for approval before a building permit is issued. The application must be accompanied by an overall development plan showing the use or uses, dimensions and locations of proposed structures, of parking spaces and of areas, if any, to be reserved for streets, parks, playgrounds, school sites and other open spaces. Planned unit developments are a preferred form of multiple-family development, and may offer substantial modifications in street layout and land use. The tract or parcel of land involved must be either in one ownership or the subject of an application filed jointly by the owners of all the property included in the plan. The proposed development must be designed to produce an environment of stable and desirable character, and must provide standards of open and permanently reserved areas for off-street parking adequate for the occupancy proposed, and at least equivalent to those required by the terms of this subchapter.
(Prior Code, § 156.133) (Ord. 545, passed - -1964)