There is hereby established Residential Housing District R-3B, One-Family Town Home Residential District, with the following requirements.
   (A)   Such homes as are proposed shall have a minimum of 12,000 square feet of living space.
   (B)   The lot size be a minimum of 524 feet wide with a depth of 105 feet.
   (C)   The setback on the west should be 25 feet from the lot line on Kedzie Avenue, on the east side the setback should be ten feet from the lot line and on the north and south the setback should be 25 feet from the lot line.
   (D)   The building height shall not exceed 30 feet.
   (E)   There should be a minimum of two parking spaces per unit and one parking space per unit for guests.
   (F)   The 20-foot alley to the east of the lot should be vacated by the city from 157th Street to 158th Street, with the developer and such successor owners’ association as may be created responsible for black-topping and maintenance of the former alley, the installation and maintenance of sewers therein, in perpetuity, granting to the city a perpetual easement for maintenance of such city facilities as may be underground therein and for payment to the city of sewer fees for each living unit.
   (G)   The developer shall install a minimum of a six-inch water line from the west side of Kedzie Avenue to the nearest location on the east side of Kedzie Avenue, in accordance with state and county rules and regulations regarding work on, under, above and upon Kedzie Avenue.
   (H)   The developer must improve 158th Street with black-topping as a part of the project.
(Prior Code, § 156.105) (Ord. 04-O-1808, passed 8-4-2004)