Sec. 20-1. Right to enter premises; availability of information.
   (a)    Whenever it becomes necessary to enter any premises, stores or dwelling, for the purpose of inspecting water pipes, fixtures, meters, etc., the public works director or his agent may do so within reasonable hours. Should the public works director or his agent be refused admittance, the supply of water shall be cut off until such examination is made and the required information is obtained, or until repairs and alterations are made.
   (b)    Information and data on a user obtained from reports, questionnaires, permit applications, permits and monitoring programs and from inspections shall be available to the public or other governmental agency without restriction unless the user specifically requests and is able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the city that the release of such information would divulge information, processes or methods of production entitled to protection as trade secrets of the user. Wastewater constituents and characteristics will not be recognized as confidential information.
(Code 1982, § 5-2007; Ord. of 2-21-84, § 3; Ord. of 2-5-91, Art. III, § 7)
   Cross References: and sampling, § 20-96; confidential information, § 20-98.