Sec. 18-75. Truck routes; weight restrictions.
   (a)    There exist two (2) highways of the primary state highway system which are approximately the same distance between two (2) or more points. It is in the public interest and for the promotion of safety to designate one (1) of such highways as the truck route between such points, and to prohibit the use of the other highway by heavy trucks, or other vehicles of a gross vehicle weight or axle load limit in excess of a maximum. Based upon an engineering and traffic investigation pursuant to authority granted by general statutes section 20-116(h), the highways set forth in article VII of this chapter are designated as the truck route.
   (b)    The sections of highways set forth in article VII of this chapter shall be designated as the other highways, and that use of such other highways by all heavy trucks and other vehicles of a axle-load limits in excess thirteen thousand (13,000) pounds shall be prohibited.
   (c)    When signs are placed giving notice thereof, it shall be unlawful for any truck exceeding three (3) tons in gross weight to use any street designated in the traffic schedule, an official copy of which is maintained in the office of the city clerk, unless such vehicle is making pickups and deliveries to residences on such street.
(Code 1982, 7-1108)