Sec. 18-39. Fire lanes.
   No person shall park a vehicle or permit it to stand, whether attended or unattended, upon any public vehicular area, street, highway or roadway in any area designated as a fire lane, provided that such areas are marked as fire lanes and contain adequate signage as specified by the fire chief. This subsection includes designated fire lanes in shopping center parking lots and all other public vehicular areas, provided that authorization to enforce such areas is provided by action of the city council upon a request from the property owner. However, persons loading or unloading supplies or merchandise may park temporarily in a fire lane located in a shopping center parking lot or other public vehicular area as long as the vehicle is not left unattended. The prima facie rule of evidence created by G.S. section 20-162.1 is applicable to prosecutions for violation of this section. The owner of a vehicle parked in violation of this subsection shall be deemed to have appointed any state, county or municipal law enforcement officer as his agent for the purpose of arranging for the transportation and safe storage of such vehicle. No law enforcement officer removing such a vehicle shall be held criminally or civilly liable in any way for any acts or omissions arising out of or caused by carrying out or enforcing any provisions of this subsection, unless the conduct of the officer amounts to wanton misconduct or intentional wrongdoing.
(Code 1982, 7-1044; Ord. of 3-22-83; Ord. No. O-03-09-02-1, 2, 9-2-03)
   Cross References: Fire prevention and protection, Ch. 7.