Sec. 17-62. Application; fee.
   (a)    An application for a taxicab driver's permit shall be filed with the chief of police on forms provided by the city, and such application shall be verified under oath and contain the following information:
   (1)   The name, address, physical condition, and state license number of the applicant;
   (2)   The experience of the applicant in the transportation of passengers;
   (3)   The educational background of the applicant;
   (4)   The concise history of his employment, reaching back for a period of not less than five (5) years; and
   (5)   The names and addresses of four (4) residents of the city who have known the applicant for a period of not less than five (5) years and who will vouch for the sobriety, honesty and general good character of the applicant. Each application shall be accompanied by a certificate from a reputable physician of the city or county certifying that in his opinion the applicant is not inflicted with any disease or deformity which might make him an unsafe or unsatisfactory driver.
   (b)    At the time the application is filed, the applicant shall pay the city the sum in an amount to be determined from time to time by city council and listed in the schedule of fees and charges maintained by the city clerk.
(Code 1982, § 6-1028; Ord. of 11-22-88)