Sec. 17-6. Basis of fare; rate card required.
   (a)    Rates for the use of taxicabs within the city limits of the City of Marion shall be based upon mileage. Customers using taxicabs shall pay not more than:
   (1)   Two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) for the initiation (drop) of the meter and twenty-five cents ($0.25) for each one-tenth of a mile of travel thereafter.
    (2)   There shall be an additional charge of two dollars ($2.00) for each ten (10) minutes of waiting time or major fraction thereof, when the customer is out of the taxicab or when waiting is at the request of the customer.
    (3)   There shall be a charge of fifty cents ($0.50) for each trunk or piece of heavy baggage handled by the taxicab driver.
    (4)   There shall be an additional charge of seventy-five cents ($0.75) for handling groceries or laundry if the driver is required to leave the vehicle.
   (5)   Flat rates for additional requested services not listed above are permitted, as long as such charges are posted inside the taxicab or are normal and customary fees.
   (b)    The mileage charged to a customer shall be based upon the odometer reading of the taxicab or other taxicab meter approved by the chief of police. The owner of the taxi company shall cause each vehicle under his ownership and in active use for purpose of vehicles for hire to be inspected for accurate odometer and other approved taxicab meter reading at least semiannually. The owner must maintain the inspection records for each vehicle and provide copies of such records to the police department for inspection by the city and the public. Upon inspection, if any odometers or other approved taxicab meters are found to be inaccurate the owner shall cause same to be repaired and appropriate records maintained.
(Code 1982, § 6-1017; Ord. of 11-22-88; Ord. No. O-04-03-07-2, § 2, 3-7-06; Ord. No. O-15-12-01-1, § 2, 12-1-15)