Sec. 15-94. Penalty; payment of costs.
   (a)    Any person who violates section 15-92 or 15-93 shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of section 1-10.
   (b)    Any person whose act, negligence, omission, or who, by permitting a condition to continue, whether done or neglected directly or through an agent, servant or employee, causes additional expense to the city for necessary special street, sidewalk or storm drain cleaning or repair shall reimburse the city for its expense within thirty (30) days after receipt of an itemized statement of expense submitted by the city, and upon failure to reimburse the city within such period of thirty (30) days, shall incur and be liable to the city for a civil penalty of two hundred dollars ($200.00), in addition to such expense.
   (c)    The public works department shall send to any person responsible for additional expense to the city an itemized statement of the expense incurred and a request for reimbursement. The city attorney is authorized to bring suit in the name of the city to recover any such unpaid penalties.
(Code 1982, 6-2019)