Sec. 15-51. Supervision and control.
   All excavations and work in streets, sidewalks, alleys or public places of the city shall be under the supervision and control of the public works director, whose duty it shall be to inspect such work from time to time during the progress thereof. Upon the completion thereof, he shall make a final inspection and see that the street, sidewalk or public place is restored to a condition as good in all respects as before the excavation or work was made or done, and that all debris, materials, tools and equipment are removed therefrom. Any person refusing or failing to comply with any provision of this section shall be guilty of a violation thereof. When such failure or refusal is continued after notice from the public works director, every day's continuance shall constitute a separate and distinct offense.
(Code 1982, 4-1026; Ord. No. O-12-03-06-2, 2, 3-6-12)