Sec. 15-27. Requirements for acceptance of new streets.
   No street, alley or other public way dedicated for public use within the city will be accepted by the city as a public street and no maintenance or improvement will be authorized thereon unless the following requirements have been complied with.
   (1)   Prior to opening any street, alley or other public way, the property owner, owners or developer shall submit a preliminary plan to the council for their approval. Such preliminary plan shall show the location of the proposed street, alley or other public way, the right-of-way width, all adjacent property owners, water courses and such other information as the council may require.
   (2)   Minimum standards for new streets, extensions or existing streets or alleys for which approval is required shall be as follows:
   a.   A minimum right-of-way width of fifty (50) feet dedicated for street purposes. In addition, the council may require a right-of-way width greater than fifty (50) feet if such street is to be used as a major thoroughfare or where greater widths are required by a major street plan.
   b.   A minimum right-of-way of twenty (20) feet for all service alleys.
   c.   Streets shall conform to the general street plan or major thoroughfare plan of the city as to location.
   d.   Streets shall intersect as nearly as possible at right angles and no street shall intersect at less than sixty (60) degrees.
   e.   Property lines at street intersections shall be rounded with a minimum radius of twenty (20) feet. At an angle of intersection of less than seventy-five (75) degrees a greater radius may be required. Where a street intersects a highway, the design standards of the state highway commission shall apply.
   (3)   If the street plan is approved, the owner, owners, or developer shall be required to make the following improvements at no cost to the city prior to the city accepting such street or alley as a public street.
   a.   The right-of-way shall be cleared and graded to its final grade for the full width of the right-of-way. Grades shall not as far as practical exceed five (5) percent.
   b.   Streets shall be crowned and adequate street drainage provided in accordance with the street improvement construction specifications of the city.
   c.   Top soil, gravel or other suitable base course material shall be put in place for a minimum width of thirty (30) feet, which shall be the minimum width for an improved street. Additional improved street widths may be required for major thoroughfares by the council. Provided, the improved width of alleys need not exceed twenty (20) feet.
   d.   Storm sewer drainage facilities, including drainage, pipe inlets and other necessary incidentals as may be required by city specifications.
   e.   Curb and gutter as required by city specifications.
   f.   Street surfacing according to city specifications for a width of thirty (30) feet.
   (4)   When the requirements of this section have been met to the satisfaction of the council and the public works director, the council may by resolution accept such street or alley for public use.
(Code 1982, 4-1002)