Sec. 11-15. Unlawful to carry certain items; exceptions.
   (a)    It shall be unlawful for any person to have in his possession, except when on his own premises, or to carry or use, any bowie knife, dirk, dagger, razor or knife, with a blade of over three (3) inches in length, anywhere within the corporate limits of the city.
   (b)    This section shall not apply to the following persons: officers and enlisted personnel of the armed forces of the United States when in discharge of their official duties as such and acting under orders requiring them to carry arms or weapons, civil officers of the United States while in the discharge of their official duties, officers and soldiers of the militia and the state guard when called into actual service, officers of the state or of any county, city, or town, charged with the execution of the laws of the state, when acting in the discharge of their official duties.
(Code 1982, 8-6010, 8-6011)
   State Law References: Carrying concealed weapons, G.S. 14-269; possession and sale of spring-loaded projectile knives prohibited, G.S. 14-269.6.