Sec. 11-12. Damaging public property.
   (a)    It shall be unlawful to deface any public property within the city.
   (b)    No person shall willfully, or negligently, injure, or interfere with, any valve, valve box, meter, meter box, storm or sanitary sewer, manhole cover, storm sewer catch basin cover, fire hydrant, police or fire alarm box, traffic signal or any other property used in the city's water, sewer, police or fire alarm systems.
(Code 1982, 8-1023, 8-1024)
   State Law References: Willful and wanton injury to real property, G.S. 14-127; damaging public buildings and facilities, G.S. 14-132; molesting fire-alarm, fire-detection or fire-extinguishing system, G.S. 14-286.