Sec. 10-94. Criminal history check authorized; disqualifications.
   A criminal records background check is required for applicants for a license under this article, in order to protect the public health, safety and welfare. Such background check shall be conducted by the police department in conformity with state law. The result of the background check can determine the suitability of the applicant.
   The city council shall not issue a permit required by this article to any person who:
   (1)   Has been convicted of unlawfully selling intoxicating liquors or narcotic drugs; or
   (2)   Is not a citizen and resident of this state; or
   (3)   Is an excessive user of intoxicating liquor or narcotic drugs; or
   (4)   As a result of the criminal background check, is deemed by the city council to be unfit to conduct a business for which the license is applied.
(Ord. No. O-03-02-18-1,  2, 2-18-03)
   Editors Note: Section 2 of Ord. No. O-03-02-18-1, adopted February 18, 2003, deleted and replaced  10-94 in its entirety to read as herein set out. Former  10-94 pertained to similar subject matter and derived from  6-1063 of the 1982 Code and  3 of an ordinance dated October 4, 1988.