Sec. 9-122. Findings; policy.
   (a)    The city council finds as a fact that there are many parcels of land and vacant lots throughout the city which are overgrown with weeds and other noxious growth, that have become a collection place for trash, garbage, debris, junk or other undesirable material or have specific unattractive conditions located thereon. The city council further finds as a fact that such conditions adversely affect one (1) or more of the following:
   (1)   The safety of the citizens of the city;
   (2)   The general health and welfare of the citizens of the city;
   (3)   The health and safety of children who are attracted to such conditions;
   (4)   The quality of urban attractiveness and aesthetic appearance of the city;
   (5)   The protection of property values throughout the city;
   (6)   The preservation of the livability and attractiveness of neighborhoods;
   (7)   The opportunities for full economic development of the city;
   (8)   The comfort, happiness and emotional stability of occupants of property in the vicinity of unattractive conditions and nuisances;
   (9)   The full use, ownership and enjoyment of property in the vicinity of such conditions.
   (b)    It is the policy of the city that each person is entitled to live in a community which is generally safe and free of conditions which adversely affect the general health and welfare of the community. Citizens also ought to have the right to live in an attractive community free of litter, garbage and unsightly junk especially when such conditions do not further individual rights or ownership of property. To protect against such conditions, the city intends to define, prohibit and restrain nuisances or to cause such nuisances to be removed from the city. The city manager or his or her designee shall be responsible for the administration and enforcement of this article.
(Ord. No. O-06-03-07-5, 2, 3-7-06)