Sec. 5-6. Damaging graves and related items; trespassing prohibited.
   (a)    No person shall disturb any grave, or deface, pull up or remove any grave markers or ornamentation, or any paling or wall around a grave or remove any plank, post or timbers in a graveyard, except by order of or with the permission of the person in charge of such graveyard, or that of the owner of such grave.
   (b)    It shall be unlawful for any person to trespass on the burial lots in Oak Grove Cemetery, throw stones, break the flowers or shrubbery on such lots, or take away or molest in any manner the flowers or ornaments placed upon the graves or upon the lots, or in any way commit any depredation or damage.
(Code 1982, §§ 4-3004--4-3005)
   State Law References: or desecrating grave sites, G.S. § 14-148; desecrating, plowing over or covering up graves, G.S. § 14-149; removal of graves, G.S. § 65-13.