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In order to carry out the provisions of this chapter, there are hereby created and established certain zones which include all of the land lying beneath the approach surfaces, transitional surfaces, horizontal surfaces and conical surfaces as they apply to the Pella Municipal Airport.  Such zones are shown on the Pella Municipal Airport FAR Part 77 Surface map consisting of one sheet, prepared by Clapsaddle-Garber Associates, Inc., and dated September 24, 1995, and revised September 25, 1998, which is attached to Ordinance 490 and made a part hereof. An area located in more than one of the following zones is considered to be only in the zone with the more restrictive height limitation. The various zones are hereby established and defined as follows:
1.   Larger Than Utility Runway Non-precision Instrument Approach Zone. The inner edge of this approach zone coincides with the width of the primary surface and is 500 feet wide. The approach zone expands outward uniformly to a width of 3,500 feet at a horizontal distance 10,000 feet from the primary surface. Its centerline is the continuation of the centerline of the runway.
2.   Transitional Zones. The transitional zones are the areas beneath the transitional surfaces.
3.   Horizontal Zone. The horizontal zone is established by swinging arcs of 10,000 feet radii from the center of each end of the primary surface of each runway and connecting the adjacent arcs by drawing lines tangent to those arcs. The horizontal zone does not include the approach and transitional zones.