1.   Applicant’s appeal shall be heard de novo at the time scheduled in the agenda unless continuance is requested by the applicant. Applicant shall be permitted to present whatever evidence desired in support of the appeal, including testimony, having other witnesses testify, offering documentary evidence and reasonable cross examination of other witnesses, if present. The technical rules of evidence shall not apply. The Commission or Board may set reasonable times for the presentation of the parties at any appeal. The applicant’s file shall be admitted into evidence. The Commission or Board may question the applicant. On an appeal before the Board, the Commission shall present the Board with the reasons for its determination. The appeal will be tape recorded. When the Commission or Board deliberates on the appeal, no parties shall be present.
2.   The Commission or Board shall make a decision on the appeal within five (5) working days. The decision shall be only on the basis of the evidence submitted. The applicant shall be informed immediately by telephone of the decision and within four (4) working days thereafter, applicant shall be mailed, at his or her last known address, the decision in writing. The decision shall state the reasons for action, together with any statute or ordinance applied.