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1.   The Commission shall make an initial determination of the eligibility and needs of the applicant within three (3) working days of the receipt of the application. Upon the determination, the Commission shall notify the applicant by telephone immediately, if possible, and within two (2) working days after the determination, mail the applicant at the last address shown on the application, by ordinary mail, the Commission’s written decision showing the reasons for determination and the statutes or ordinances applied, together with the specific benefits and their amounts to which the applicant is entitled. If the Commission cannot make the initial determination within three working days, the Commission shall immediately inform the applicant by telephone, if possible, of the reasons why such determination cannot be made. The Commission shall also mail to the applicant, by ordinary mail, within two working days thereafter, the Commission’s written decision showing the reasons why such determination could not be made.
2.   If an applicant has been previously found eligible, the Commission need not receive a new application, but may proceed to a determination of whether or not current assistance is warranted. Notice and mailing of such determination shall be as provided above. If an emergency and immediate need is present, the Commission may verbally authorize a supplier or vendor to furnish any item of assistance for the benefit of the applicant and the amount allowed for such benefit. The Commission shall inform the applicant and issue a written decision as provided above.
3.   Whenever an applicant is found eligible and entitled to assistance, the Commission shall proceed to provide the same and notify the Board of Supervisors.