Applications for assistance shall be submitted by indigent veterans to the Commission at the Marion County Commission Office in Knoxville, Iowa, during usual business hours upon forms provided by the Commission. If, because of undue hardship, an indigent veteran cannot come to the Commission Office, the Commission shall mail such veteran an application form or deliver to such veteran the application. If the applicant or the family unit is or appears to be eligible for assistance from any other Federal, State, or local source, the Commission shall immediately refer the applicant to that source. It shall be the obligation of the applicant to immediately make application to that source and pursue such application with due diligence as a condition to be eligible for further assistance under this chapter. It is the obligation of each veteran applying to establish eligibility for any category of veterans assistance and need for any item of assistance. If requested, the veteran applying shall provide the Commission with a verified statement of net worth, Federal and State income tax returns for the past five (5) years, medical reports, medical authorization, and anything else requested by the Commission that bears upon the veteran’s eligibility and need for assistance. The Commission may also require, upon approval of the Board, that the applicant submit to a physical or mental examination to determine applicant’s capacity to labor. The Commission shall also receive anything that the veteran applying desires to submit to establish his or her eligibility or need, to include statements or letters, medical reports, and other written documents as well as the verbal statements of the applicant. The Commission shall then proceed to conduct a reasonable investigation concerning the applicant’s eligibility and needs. The applicant’s file and the investigation and findings of the Commission shall be made available to the applicant, upon request, or to the applicant’s attorney by written authorization.