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Whenever the tract proposed to be subdivided is of such unusual topography, size, or shape, or is surrounded by such development or unusual conditions that the strict application of the requirements contained in these regulations would result in substantial hardships or injustices, the Board of Supervisors, following report of the Commission, may vary or modify such requirements so that the subdivider is allowed to develop property in a reasonable manner, but so, at the same time, the public welfare and interest of the County and surrounding area are protected and the general intent and spirit of these regulations are preserved.
1.   Validity. No plat of any subdivision shall be entitled to be recorded in the County Recorder’s office or have any validity until it has been approved in the manner prescribed herein.
2.   Public Improvements. The Board of Supervisors shall not permit any public improvements over which it has control to be made from the County Road Fund, or any County money expended for improvements or maintenance in any area that has been subdivided or upon any street that has been dedicated after the date of adoption of these regulations unless such subdivision or street has been approved in accordance with the provisions contained herein and accepted by the Board of Supervisors as a public highway and added to the Secondary Road System of Marion County. Streets within a subdivision not accepted by the Board as public highways shall remain private roads.
3.   Zoning Certificates. The Zoning Administrator shall not issue zoning certificates or building permits for any structure located on a lot in any subdivision, the plat of which has been prepared after the date of the adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter but which has not been approved in accordance with the provisions contained herein.