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1.   Number of Copies. When the final plat of a proposed subdivision is to be submitted to the Board of Supervisors for consideration it must first have been submitted and reviewed by the Zoning Commission. Ten (10) copies of the final plat shall be required. The final plat shall be submitted at least two (2) weeks before the next meeting of the Zoning Commission.
2.   Contents of Final Plat.
   A.   Name of subdivision.
   B.   Scale, 1" = 100' maximum unless permission is obtained from the Board of Supervisors.
   C.   Compass point.
   D.   Curve data including delta angle, length of arc, degree of curve, tangent.
   E.   Complete legal description of the property to be platted, including descriptive boundaries of the subdivision, based on an accurate traverse, giving angular and linear dimensions. The allowable unadjusted error of closure on the traverse of the perimeter of the plat shall be 1 in 10,000. Latitude and departure computations on the traverse closure shall be submitted to the County Engineer.
   F.   Exact street name, location, right-of-way easement width, and centerline of all streets within the subdivision. All streets shall be noted as “private” unless specifically approved by the Commission and/or Board of Supervisors, upon recommendation of the County Engineer, as a public street.
   G.   Easements for public and private utilities showing width and use intended.
   H.   Building setback lines with dimensions.
   I.   Lot numbers and the gross area, area included in the road right-of-way, and net area shall be shown for each lot.
   J.   A table designating each lot or parcel as either buildable or for agricultural use only.
   K.   Certification of registered land surveyor and engineer.
   L.   Description and location of all permanent monuments set in the subdivision, including accurate references to known or permanent monuments, giving the bearing and distance from some corner of a congressional division of Marion County. (Monumentation shall meet the requirements of Section 355.6, Code of Iowa.)
   M.   The names and addresses of the owners and subdividers.
   N.   Areas dedicated for public use; such as schools, parks, and playgrounds.
   O.   Location and names of adjoining subdivisions.
3.   Accompanying Material.
   A.   Any protective covenants or restrictions to be imposed upon the plat shall be submitted for review. If the subdivision includes private streets, the covenants should address private maintenance responsibilities for said streets.
   B.   An easement to the County properly executed, for all streets intended for public streets, and for any other property intended for public use.
   C.   A certificate by the owner and spouse, if any, that the subdivision is with the free consent and is in accordance with the desire of the owners. This certificate must be signed and acknowledged by the owner and spouse before some officer authorized to take the acknowledgments of deeds.
   D.   Performance bond, if any.
   E.   A consent and waiver to be recorded with the final plat, signed by the property owner, for all private streets, sidewalks and/or streetlights not constructed in conformance with the minimum standards required in Section 56.07(1)(N) provided such consent and waiver was approved by the Commission at the time of consideration of the preliminary plat and the Board at the time of consideration of the final plat.
   F.   Where the subdivision includes public improvements, a set of reproducible mylar plans of record showing as constructed improvements.
4.   Certificates. It shall be the responsibility of the owner to obtain and submit to the County Recorder the following certificates, prior to or at the time that the final plat is submitted for record.
   A.   From the County Treasurer that the subdivision land is free from taxes.
   B.   Other documents as required by Section 354.11 of the Code of Iowa.