For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Procedures, methods and programs for the positive identification, recruitment, training and motivation of minorities, females and citizens 40 years of age and over for the purpose of this Affirmative Action Program.
   AAO or AFFIRMATIVE ACTION OFFICER. The Coordinator of Affirmative Action for the city, appointed by the Mayor to provide technical assistance to all departments. The terms AFFIRMATIVE ACTION OFFICER or COORDINATOR shall include his or her designees.
   AAP. Affirmative Action Plan.
   APPOINTING AUTHORITY. The persons or governmental body which has the power and authority to make the final selection of employees for a particular city department or agency.
   DEPARTMENT. All city departments, agencies and other boards and governmental bodies.
   DEPARTMENT HEAD. The person who has overall staff responsibility and authority for a city department. The term shall include his or her designees.
   DIRECTOR.   The City Human Relations Commission Director.
   EEO.  Equal employment opportunity.
   JOB QUALIFICATION or QUALIFICATION. An attribute without which an applicant will not be considered for employment in a particular job classification. A QUALIFICATION may include, but shall not be limited to a minimum education level, years of work experience, or a passing grade on a test.
   MINORITIES. This term includes, but is not limited to Blacks, Native Americans, Alaskan natives, Hispanic individuals, Asian or Pacific Islanders and for the purpose of age any individual at least 40 years of age.
   SELECTION CRITERION. An attribute, other than a job qualification, which is considered in choosing employees from applicants for employment. SELECTION CRITERION include, but are not limited to, performance on tests, education, experience and performance at interviews.
   SPECIAL SEGMENT GROUPS. Minorities, including Blacks, Native Americans, Asians, Hispanic individuals, females, handicapped persons, persons at least 40 years of age and Vietnam era veterans.
   UNDERUTILIZATION.  Having fewer special segment group persons in a particular job group or classification than would reasonably be expected by their availability.
   VALIDITY. A positive relationship between a qualification or selection criterion and the safe and efficient performance of duties of the classification to which the qualification or selection criterion applies; the job relatedness of a qualification or selection criterion.
   WHOLE LIST CERTIFICATION. The consideration of all applicants in the interview process who meet minimum qualifications with selection of the person who is demonstrably most qualified.
(1985 Code, § 22-9-3-1(b))  (Ord. 16-1980, passed 9-2-1980)