(A)   General provisions.
      (1)   A provision for extended absence of an employee for but not limited to the following reasons: extended illness, medical operations and other non-job related injuries.
      (2)   The Board of Works shall make all decisions regarding disability leave during special and regularly scheduled Board of Works meetings and shall reserve the right to reject any and all requests for disability leave.
      (3)   Disability leave may be granted only to regular full time employees who have been employed by the city for one year.
      (4)   Employees shall not be paid during disability leave but insurance and seniority benefits will continue.
      (5)   Interpretations of the provisions within the disability leave policy shall be the responsibility of the Board of Works. These interpretations shall be applied in a fair and equitable manner.
      (6)   All costs of medical examinations required or requested in this policy shall be borne by the employee unless provided otherwise in this policy.
   (B)   Notice requirements and length of leave.
      (1)   Requests for disability leave shall be filed five days prior to a regular Board of Works hearing date on forms prescribed by that Board.
      (2)   The Board of Works may grant disability leave for periods not to exceed three months and may grant one extension not to exceed three months.
      (3)   Employees must return to work for at least six months before being entitled to further sick leave.
      (4)   The employee’s department head or duly authorized representative of the department shall represent him or her before the Board of Works.
      (5)   Employees have the right to attend any hearing for disability or send a representative to testify in their behalf.
      (6)   A medical doctor’s statement shall be submitted with any request for disability leave.
      (7)   That statement shall state the nature of the disability and shall contain an affirmative statement as to the employee’s inability to attend work.
      (8)   The Board of Works may request additional examinations of employees who are on disability leave if they have reason to believe that the employee’s condition may have improved sufficiently to allow the employee to return to work.
      (9)   If an employee wishes to engage in alternate employment while on disability leave, either with the city or some other employer, that employment must be approved by the Board of Works.
   (C)   Reinstatement.
      (1)   If an employee has been placed on extended illness or disability leave and will be returning to work on or before the last day of the granted leave, the employee shall provide to his or her department head a written doctor’s release at least five days prior to his or her return to work. If the department head has reason to believe additional medical information is required before the employee may return to work, the department head may direct the employee to go to a physician for an additional examination and medical report which shall be paid for by the city.
      (2)   When an employee returns from disability leave, the employee may be returned to his or her former position if it was not necessary to fill the position in their absence. If, however, the position had been filled, the returning employee shall be placed in a position as similar in pay and responsibilities as possible within or outside of that same job classification.
(Ord. 53-1988, passed 11-1-1988)