(A)   General.
      (1)   The term MILITARY LEAVE as used in this policy refers only to leave of absence granted by the city to employees while engaged under official orders in active full-time training as a member to a component of the armed forces of the United States.
      (2)   This policy does not apply to employees inducted into military service under the provisions of any emergency legislation enacted for national defense or to individuals who may be ordered to active duty during an emergency declared by the state or federal government, such as the National Guard, for civil disorder.
      (3)   Military leave shall not be granted to employees who enlist in the regular Army, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard or to officers of the Reserve of National Guard who volunteer for extended active duty with the regular Army, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard under the Thompson Act or similar legislation.
   (B)   Intent.
      (1)   The intent of this policy is to enable those employees who are members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard Reserve or the National Guard to participate in such training as is required to maintain their military status without loss of their status as city employees.
      (2)   When the receipt of orders for military duty can be foreseen, arrangements for military leave shall be made in advance with the immediate supervisor and department head.
   (C)   Eligibility for military leave.
      (1)   To be eligible for military leave benefits, an employee must have 12 months continuous service with the city just prior to his or her military leave unless prior agreement is made before employment.
      (2)   Employees with less than 12 months continuous service may be granted a leave of absence without pay to engage in active full-time military training as a member of the armed forces unless prior arrangements have been made.
   (D)   Length of military leave.
      (1)   Eligible employees may be granted military leave with benefits provided in this policy for periods up to but not more than 15 working days per calendar year.
      (2)   Military leave with benefits is in addition to vacation allowances. An employee shall be permitted to take a part or all of his or her earned vacation in conjunction with military leave.
   (E)   Officers and employees leave of absence for National Guard duties.  Period without loss of time or pay:  all officers and employees of the state and of any of its counties, townships, municipalities and school corporations, who are members of the Indiana National Guard or of the reserve components or the retired personnel of the naval, air or ground forces, shall be entitled to leaves of absence from their respective duties without loss of time or pay for that time as the members of the National Guard are in the military service on training duties of the state under the order of the governor as commander-in-chief or as members of any reserve component under the order of the component authority thereof for periods of not to exceed 15 days in any one calendar year.
   (F)   Method of securing payment.  Upon completion of each period of active duty training, the employee shall have his or her unit commander complete the following statement in order to receive payment under the provisions of this policy:
In compliance with paragraph             SO#           Headquarters                
      Name         Rank         SSN
was on active duty with                                       from                  
(Ord. 53-1988, passed 11-1-1988)