(A)   Eligibility for maternity leave. Maternity leave may be granted only to regular full-time employees who have been employed by the city for one year, unless prior agreement is made before employment. A city employee who is pregnant and who desires maternity leave shall notify the department head in writing of her desire to take that leave and, except in cases of medical emergency, shall give notice at least 30 days prior to the date of which her leave is to begin. This notice shall include the expected length of leave and a physician’s statement certifying pregnancy or a copy of the birth certificate of the newborn, whichever is applicable. The employee’s department head or duly authorized representative of the department shall present such employee’s request for maternity leave to the Board of Works and Safety for approval. All requests for maternity leave shall be treated the same as a request for any other extended disability leave.
   (B)   Length of maternity leave.  A maternity leave of absence without pay may be approved by the Board of Works and Safety for a period of up to three months. An extension may be granted by the Board of Works and Safety for a period up to three additional months.
   (C)   Reinstatement.
      (1)   An employee returning from maternity leave shall be assigned to her original position.
      (2)   All positions opened due to maternity leave shall be filled by a temporary employee or remain vacant at the discretion of the department head. The department head shall follow the hiring procedures for filling temporary vacancies.
(Ord. 53-1988, passed 11-1-1988)