(A)   Policy. It is the policy of the city to designate certain holidays to be observed as paid days off in each calendar year.
   (B)   Scope. The Mayor shall designate certain holidays for each calendar year for all city employees, subject to modification by the terms of any collective bargaining agreement entered into by the city with any bargaining unit representative (union).
   (C)   Purpose.  The purpose of this policy is to designate the compensation for those holidays.
   (D)   General.
      (1)   All employees covered by this policy shall be paid the equivalent of a regular work-day for a regularly observed holiday.
      (2)   If an employee is required to work on a scheduled holiday, the employee shall be granted compensatory time off for holidays worked according to the following procedure:
         (a)   The compensatory time off shall be taken before the end of the quarter following the quarter during which the holiday falls;
         (b)   Compensatory time off for holidays worked is in addition to the 40 hour per quarter maximum specified in the section entitled “Compensatory Time Off;”
         (c)   Compensatory time off for holidays worked shall be taken so as not to interfere with an existing work schedule.
(Ord. 53-1988, passed 11-1-1988)