§ 33.20  PURPOSE.
   (A)   The purpose of the Mayor’s Commission on Domestic Violence is to eliminate violence in interpersonal relationships within families in our community.
   (B)   This it shall do by:
      (1)   Implementing a community wide effort to enable persons to become more aware of the high incidents of domestic violence that occurs;
      (2)   Seeking to understand more about the causes of domestic violence and enabling them to find constructive ways of resolving conflicts and differences in their interpersonal relationships;
      (3)   Promoting and strengthening community efforts for providing counsel and other needed forms of assistance for victims of abuse and encouraging victims to seek such help;
      (4)   Effectively organizing all segments of the community so that we can work cooperatively together to discover ways of eliminating violence; and
      (5)   Recommending policies which both hold the perpetrator accountable for abusive behavior and provide motivation and opportunity to change this behavior.
(Ord. 28-1991, passed 11-6-1991)