(A)   The Council establishes more frequent city employee pay dates than that provided under I.C. 36-4-10-5(16), as amended.
   (B)   All city employees shall receive their pay on every other Friday, beginning with June 11, 1976. If holidays, vacations, emergencies or other circumstances render that pay schedule impractical for that Friday, the City Controller may alter that schedule after providing written notice of that alteration to all city departments at least ten days before the next scheduled pay date.
(1985 Code, § 36-4-10-5)  (Ord. 4-1974, passed 4-3-1974; Am. Ord. 14-1974, passed 7-17-1974; Am. Ord. 6-1976, passed 6-2-1976)
Statutory reference:
   Fiscal officer duties, see I.C. 36-4-10-5