§ 31.27  AGENDA.
   (A)   All matters constituting the agenda of the regular meeting of the Common Council shall be filed with the City Clerk no later than 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday immediately preceding a regular scheduled meeting of the Common Council. The City Clerk shall advise the petitioner requesting an item to be placed on the agenda, after said deadline, that such item(s) must constitute an emergency and written explanation of such emergency must accompany this request. This request of the Common Council shall be considered at the end of the agenda as provided under § 31.41, whichever shall prevail. Said agenda and all documents pertaining to shall be delivered to the members of the Common Council at the usual place and residence or at any other place designated by them within the city no later than 72 hours prior to any regular meeting of the Council, except that, upon a vote of the members-elect of the Common Council the provisions or any part thereof, of this section may be waived.
   (B)   The public shall be afforded the opportunity for the Council to consider a proposed ordinance under the following procedure.
      (1)   The constituent shall submit the suggested ordinance to either their representative Council member or to a member at large;
      (2)   The member shall submit the suggested ordinance to the Council President;
      (3)   The Council President at his or her discretion, shall assign the suggested ordinance to the appropriate committee;
      (4)   The committee shall review the suggested ordinance and take one of the following actions;
         (a)   Recommend to the President that the Council adopt the ordinance;
         (b)   Make modifications to the ordinance and then submit to the President for adoption by the Council; or
         (c)   The Committee can choose not to submit the ordinance to the President for adoption which terminates the ordinance at that time.
      (5)   In the event the ordinance is terminated by the committee, no other ordinance shall be submitted that is substantially similar to the terminated ordinance until January 1st of the following year.
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