§ 150.99  PENALTIES.
   (A)   Any person who commits any of the following acts is subject to a fine not to exceed $500. Each day that a violation continues shall constitute a separate offense.
      (1)   A person who fails to obtain a registration receipt as required by § 150.65;
      (2)   A person who fails to correct a violation cited in accordance with this chapter, whether it makes the premises unsafe, or whether it violates this chapter, a city ordinance or a state statue;
      (3)   A person who removes or defaces the notification of the inspection officer that a rental unit has been determined to be unsafe.
   (B)   Any building or premises that is unsafe within the meaning of the ordinance shall be subject to any other sanction provided by law, including, but not limited to, injunctive relief or obtaining a performance bond to insure the correction of any unsafe conditions.
   (C)   A person failing to comply with an order of the Board of Public Works and Safety issued pursuant to this chapter in connection with an unsafe building or premises may be subjected to any other sanction provided by the ordinance.
(Ord. 7-2018, passed 4-3-2018; Am. Ord. 14-2018, passed 8-7-2018; Am. Ord. 12-2019, passed 10-15-2019)