(A)   The city hereby enacts a bad check service charge, to be paid by any individual who writes a check to the city for goods, services, or other purposes which is returned "NSF", "Account Closed" or is otherwise unpaid.  Such amount shall be $27.50, payable by the maker of such check in addition to the face amount of the check.
   (B)   The Controller's office shall send written notice to the maker at the address printed on the check or the address given in writing to the city at the time the check was delivered to the city of the amount due.  The notice shall notify the maker that the amount due must be paid within ten days of the mailing of the notice.
   (C)   In the event that the maker of the dishonored check fails to pay the amount due as described in division (A) of this section within ten days of the mailing of the notice described in division (B) of this section, the check will be referred to the Grant County Prosecutor's office for prosecution.
(Ord. 22-2006, passed 7-18-2006)