§ 37.37  SELECTION.
   (A)   Once recruitment has been completed, the vacant position shall be filled by using the whole list certification process. This process requires that all applicants for the position who meet minimum qualifications and are identified through recruitment activity shall be given equal consideration, including the interviewing of each candidate. The best applicant shall subsequently be chosen with emphasis on overcoming underutilization. If a person from the special segment group is not chosen by the appointing authority in an underutilized job classification, the appointing authority shall submit in writing why a special segment person has not been selected. That written documentation shall be retained for a period of three years.
   (B)   Before any applicant is notified of employment, the Affirmative Action Officer shall review all applications and the appointing authority’s interview form to determine if the candidate for the vacant position was chosen on the basis of any discriminatory practice. If the Affirmative Action Officer finds evidence of discrimination, he or she shall immediately recommend disciplinary action against the party accused and request the Mayor to override the discriminatory hiring decision.
(1985 Code, § 22-9-3-1(m))  (Ord. 16-1980, passed 9-2-1980)