(A)   The Affirmative Action Officer and the Director shall develop a plan to recruit persons from each special segment group. This plan shall include, but not be limited to the development of improved recruiting literature and the identification and publication of a list of organizations and institutions which may be contacted to reach greater numbers of minorities, women and other special segment candidates.
   (B)   The following procedures shall be used in the recruitment of city employees:
      (1)   All employment advertising, job announcements and recruiting brochures shall identify the city as an “Equal Opportunity Employer;”
      (2)   All employment advertising and recruiting activities, including contacts with employment sources, schools, colleges and training institutions shall be directed to all qualified applicants regardless of race, color, creed, sex, age, handicap, national origin, political affiliation or religion;
      (3)   Discriminatory or unnecessary restrictions due to age, sex, physical characteristics, education and experience shall be deleted from all recruiting announcements. Only bona fide requirements shall be specified;
      (4)   In order to reach minority applicants with professional qualifications, personalized mailing shall be sent to placement officers of colleges and universities with a predominance of special segment group enrollment for positions in which minorities are underutilized;
      (5)   Active person-to-person contact in the recruitment process shall be encouraged on the part of special segment group employees to facilitate the recruitment of special segment group applicants;
      (6)   Job announcements shall be issued in readable and understandable language, particularly for those positions for which the educationally disadvantaged may be qualified;
      (7)   Local advertisements to attract special segment group applicants shall be appropriately worded and placed in selected newspapers, on radios and television stations and in such city locales as agency offices which are frequented by special segment group persons;
      (8)   Individual letters shall be prepared for distributions to special segment group organizations or personal contact shall be made with these organizations expressing interest in referral of qualified applicants whenever recruitment involves underutilized positions.
   (C)   All restrictions on transfer or promotion from one department to another shall be reviewed to insure that the restrictions are not discriminatory in nature.
   (D)   All current employees who meet the minimum qualifications for a vacant position shall be permitted to compete for that vacancy.
(1985 Code, § 22-9-3-1(l))  (Ord. 16-1980, passed 9-2-1980)