(A)   The Affirmative Action Officer shall circulate notices of all job openings and training opportunities to each department head, who will in turn have each employee initial the notice indicating he or she has been properly notified. Notices are to be returned by department heads to the Affirmative Action Officer.
   (B)   The Affirmative Action Officer and the Director shall take action to increase the participation of special segment group persons on boards or committees concerned with promotions, grievances and hiring.
   (C)   Any department head who intends to subject any employee to involuntary separation and disciplinary action shall inform the Affirmative Action Officer of the intended action and the detailed reasons for it. The Affirmative Action Officer shall review that intended action and the justification asserted for it and shall make an independent determination of whether that action is justified. If the Affirmative Action Officer finds that the action is not justified, he or she shall submit reasons for reconsideration to the Mayor and the department head. The decision of the Mayor will be final.
   (D)   The Affirmative Action Officer and each department head shall assure that physical facilities, job placement and work are assigned on a non- discriminatory and non-segregated basis.
   (E)   Each department head shall designate employees with appropriate abilities as training counselors to help new employees adjust to the work environment.
(1985 Code, § 22-9-3-1(h))  (Ord. 16-1980, passed 9-2-1980)