(A)   The Affirmative Action Officer shall be responsible for collecting data on the make-up of the work force by race and sex.
   (B)   The Affirmative Action Officer shall undertake a semiannual analysis of which job classifications within each department are underutilized as to minorities, females, handicapped persons or persons over 40 years of age. If the Affirmative Action Officer determines that a job classification within a department has such a small population that consideration of that classification within the department by itself is not justified for the purpose of this subchapter, he or she may combine the populations of several classifications within one or more departments, as long as the duties and levels or responsibility of the combined classifications are substantially similar.
   (C)   In determining whether any job classification within a department is underutilized as to any special segment group, the Affirmative Action Officer shall consider at least all of the following factors when the data regarding those factors is available:
      (1)   The special segment group population of the labor area surrounding and including the city;
      (2)   The size of the special segment group unemployment force on the labor area surrounding the city;
      (3)   The percentage of the special segment group work force as compared with the total work force in the reasonable recruiting area;
      (4)   The general availability of persons on the special segment group having requisite skills in the reasonable recruiting area, when data regarding that factor is available;
      (5)   The availability of persons in the special segment group having requisite skills in an area in which the city can reasonably recruit;
      (6)   The availability of promotable and transferable persons within the special segment group within the work force employed by the city;
      (7)   The existence of training institutions capable of training persons in the requisite skills;
      (8)   The degree of training which the city is reasonably able to undertake as to means of making all job classifications available to persons in the special segment group.
   (D)   The Affirmative Action Officer shall provide each department head with a list of all underutilized jobs within his or her department.
   (E)   The Affirmative Action Officer shall utilize the information provided to him or her to maintain a current list of underutilized jobs between semiannual analysis.
   (F)   The Affirmative Action Officer and the Director shall establish semiannual quantitative, attainable goals for hiring and promotion for each job classification on each department which is determined to be underutilized for any special segment group by the Affirmative Action Officer as a result of his or her semiannual utilization analysis. These goals shall be formulated so that if they are met, each classification in each department shall be fully utilized for each special segment group by January 16, 1985.
   (G)   The results of the utilization analysis and the goals set shall be presented by the Director to a regular Council meeting.
(1985 Code, § 22-9-3-1(g))  (Ord. 16-1980, passed 9-2-1980)