General Provisions
   154.001   Definitions
   154.002   Contract authorized in lieu of special assessment procedure
   154.003   Single lot procedure
   154.004   Illegal or invalid assessments
   154.005   Combination of projects
   154.006   Limitations on preliminary expenses
   154.007   Failure to mail notice
Advisory Petition
   154.020   Request by Commission or receipt voluntarily
   154.021   Contents
   154.022   Filing
   154.023   Presentment by Manager to Commission
Determination by Commission
   154.035   Initiatory resolution
   154.036   Plans and specifications
   154.037   Report of City Manager
   154.038   Notice of hearing
   154.039   Public hearing; objections and changes
   154.040   Resolution of determination
Assessment Roll
   154.055   Preparation
   154.056   Certificate of Assessor
   154.057   Notice of hearing on roll
   154.058   Hearing; objections
   154.059   Voting required on objections
   154.060   Corrections and changes
   154.061   Confirmation or rejection of roll
   154.062   Contested assessments
Assessment Payments
   154.075   Lien created
   154.076   Lien to remain unimpaired
   154.077   Due date; installment payments
   154.078   Installment payments
   154.079   Notice by publication
   154.080   Notice by mail
   154.081   Delinquent assessments
   154.082   Adjustment of assessments to correspond to costs; additional assessments; refunds
   154.083   Limitation on assessments and use of funds
Charter reference:
   Detailed procedure to be fixed by ordinance, see § 11.2
   Special assessments generally, see Ch. 11
Statutory reference:
   Powers re: special assessments, see M.C.L.A. §§ 117.4a, 117.4b, 117.4d, 117.5