Section 11.9. Assessments for removal of hazards, etc.
   The assessment for the cost of the construction or maintenance of any sidewalk or the abatement of any hazard or nuisance to be made pursuant to Section 2.3(u) or Section 2.3(v), or for the cost of removing snow, ice or other obstructions from sidewalks to be made pursuant to Section 2.3(w), shall be made by resolution of the Commission. Notice of the time at which the Commission will act thereon shall be given by first class mail to the owner of the property to be assessed as shown by the current tax roll of the city except that no notice shall be necessary in the case of assessments for the removal of weeds or snow or ice. For the purposes of collection of such assessment, the adoption of such resolution shall be equivalent to the confirmation of a special assessment roll. The amount of any such assessment shall become a debt due to the city upon adoption of such resolution, be due at such time as the Commission shall prescribe, and shall be subject to the collection fees and become a lien as provided in Section 11.7. Every such assessment shall also be subject to Sections 11.4, 11.5 and 11.6.