(A)   The subdivider shall properly construct and shall be responsible for making repairs and/or alterations to provide that improvements are in good condition at the time the subdivider requests their acceptance by the Village Council.
   (B)   The acceptance of improvements for use and maintenance by the public shall be subject to satisfactory compliances with the following requirements:
      (1)   Inspection and approval of all improvements by the responsible county and village officials, with notification by those agencies to the Commission and Village Council in writing when the construction of the improvements has been satisfactorily completed;
      (2)   When the required improvement construction is completed and all required written approvals regarding same have been granted and received by the Commission and Village Council, the subdivider shall place a certificate on the final plat indicating the acceptance, by Village Council of the improvement (including the improvements constructed therein) for use and maintenance by the public; and
      (3)   (a)   When the required improvement construction is not completed, or written approvals of completed construction have not been received by the Commission, and Village Council prior to submittal of the final plat for approval, the Commission shall, if it approves the plat, notify Village Council when the construction of all required streets and other required improvements in a specific plat has been satisfactorily completed, giving a description of the improvement and Council shall thereupon adopt a resolution/ordinance accepting such improvement (which shall include the improvements constructed therein) for use and maintenance by the public.
         (b)   However, such acceptance shall be dated one year from the date of the resolution/ordinance and the subdivider shall keep such improvements in a satisfactory state of maintenance, otherwise such acceptance shall be voided.
         (c)   Where the improvement is to be publicly owned, transfer of the improvement, in a manner acceptable to Village Council, shall occur.
         (d)   Streets will not be accepted for public maintenance until finished pavement has been in place for at least one year and has been inspected and approved by the village engineer, along with all other improvements.
(Ord. 18, 2001, passed 6-14-2001) Penalty, see § 153.999