(A)   Generally.
      (1)   The subdivider shall submit on mylar or reproducible material a plan, profile and typical cross section for each proposed street in the subdivision.
      (2)   Water and sewer mains, with grades and pipe sizes, shall normally be shown on the same plan; however, the Commission may require water and sewer mains to be shown on separate plan and profile sheets.
      (3)   A minimum scale of one inch equal to 50 feet for plans and one inch equal to five feet for profiles shall be maintained unless otherwise authorized by the Commission.
      (4)   A sheet size of 24 inches by 36 inches drawn with reproducible ink or pencil shall be used.
   (B)   Plans. Plans shall show:
      (1)   Right-of-way lines of thoroughfares, streets, alleys and easements, and location of street and surface therein;
      (2)   Centerlines of thoroughfares, streets and easements;
      (3)   Data on the location, length and bearings of all lines, including length of radii, arcs, tangents and curves. (Central angles and street curves may be referred to a curve table.);
      (4)   Location of storm and sanitary sewers and water mains, and items that pertain thereto, i.e., manholes, hydrants, valves and the like;
      (5)   All bearing lines shall be referred to established section lines, whenever possible; and
      (6)   All subsurface utilities, existing or proposed, shall be shown on the plans, whenever possible, and be in accordance with the Ohio Utilities Protection Service.
   (C)   Profiles. Profiles shall show:
      (1)   Centerline elevations, percent of grade and location and length of vertical curves on all streets;
      (2)   Elevations shall be based on U.S. Geodetic Survey Datum and permanent bench marks whenever possible; and
      (3)   At least one site bench mark referenced to U.S.G.S. shall be shown on the plan/profile sheet.
(Ord. 18, 2001, passed 6-14-2001) Penalty, see § 153.999