The following are the improvement requirements for public streets.
   (A)   Required street surfacing, construction and pavement widths. Required street surfacing, street construction, and pavement widths will vary depending upon the location of the subdivision, the character of the building development served and the amount of traffic involved.
   (B)   Grading. All streets shall be graded to the full width of the right-of-way and to blend with the natural lay of the land to the satisfaction of the village engineer.
   (C)   Preparation of roadbed. The roadbed shall be properly prepared according to the typical cross sections approved by the village engineer.
   (D)   Alignment. Streets shall have satisfactory vertical and horizontal curves in accordance with the specifications listed in these regulations.
   (E)   Guard rails. Where bridges or large culverts are required or other dangerous areas exist along a newly constructed street, acceptable guard rails shall be provided by the subdivider and approved by the village engineer.
(Ord. 18, 2001, passed 6-14-2001) Penalty, see § 153.999