§ 153.088 BLOCKS.
   The following regulations shall govern the design and layout of blocks.
   (A)   The arrangement of blocks shall conform to the street design criteria set forth in §§ 153.078 through 153.087, inclusive.
   (B)   Blocks shall be arranged to accommodate lots and building sites of the size and character required by these regulations and any applicable zoning resolution, to provide for adequate community facilities, and to regard the limitations and opportunities of topography.
   (C)   Irregularly-shaped blocks, those intended for cul-de-sacs and loop streets, and those containing interior parks or playgrounds may be approved by the Commission if properly designed and located.
   (D)   No block shall be longer than 1,400 feet nor less than 600 feet. The block shall normally accommodate two tiers of lots and shall have a minimum width of 250 feet, except where unusual topography or other extreme physical circumstances exist.
   (E)   Where blocks are more than 900 feet in length, a crosswalk easement not less than ten feet in width at or near the halfway point of the block may be required.
   (F)   Blocks intended for commercial and industrial subdivisions shall be designed specifically for such purposes and shall include adequate provisions for parking, loading and delivery services. Such blocks shall not be less than 250 feet in width nor less than 1,000 feet in length.
(Ord. 18, 2001, passed 6-14-2001) Penalty, see § 153.999