The following requirements shall apply to special street types:
   (A)   Permanent dead-end streets shall not be permitted. Temporary dead-end streets shall be permitted only as a segment of a continuing street plan subject to extension into undeveloped acreage. Temporary dead-end streets shall extend to the boundary of such undeveloped acreage and shall be provided with an interim turnaround satisfactory to the Commission in design. The Commission shall reserve the right to limit the length of such a dead-end street based on principles of proper planning, and the Commission may require a street to extend to the boundary between a proposed subdivision and the undeveloped acreage to provide for future development.
   (B)   The dedication of new half-streets shall not be permitted if a parcel to be subdivided exists adjacent to a dedicated or platted and recorded half-width street or alley, the other half-width of such street or alley falling within the proposed subdivision shall be platted, providing that in the opinion of the Commission such right-of-way is necessary for the proper development of the area.
   (C)   Where subdivision lots would require direct vehicular access onto an existing or proposed primary or secondary route as specified in the Major Thoroughfare Plan, a marginal access street shall be designed. A planting strip of a minimum width of 20 feet shall be provided between the primary or secondary route and the marginal access street.
   (D)   Where a subdivision borders on or contains the right-of-way of a railroad or an expressway, the Commission may require a street approximately parallel to and on each side of such right-of-way at a distance which will permit appropriate use of the land situated between such right-of-way and the required parallel streets. Such distance shall also be determined with due regard for the requirements of approach grades and future grade separations. In addition, the Commission may also require the provision of buffer planting strips, the platting of loop streets or cul-de-sacs connected to such parallel streets or any combination of such.
   (E)   Easements or reserve strips controlling access to streets shall be prohibited except where deemed necessary by the Commission and where their control is definitely placed with the village.
   (F)   In subdividing land along existing streets or roads and within a proposed subdivision, provisions for the dedication of land for one or more streets to undeveloped land not fronting on an existing street or road shall be incorporated. The access streets shall be spaced not less than 800 feet nor more than 1,400 feet apart.
   (G)   Alleys shall not be approved in residential subdivisions except where justified by extreme conditions. Alleys may be approved in commercial and industrial subdivisions if no other provisions can be made for adequate service access. The minimum widths for alleys shall be 20 feet. Alley intersections, sharp changes in alignment and dead-ends shall not be permitted unless extreme conditions would warrant such permission.
(Ord. 18, 2001, passed 6-14-2001) Penalty, see § 153.999