(A)   The Commission shall forward copies of the preliminary plat to the village engineer, Board of Public Affairs, the county sanitary engineer, and other such officials and agencies as may be necessary for the purpose of study and recommendation.
   (B)   The subdivider, or his or her agent, may be required to meet with certain agencies and the Commission to discuss pertinent problems. All corrections or clarifications agreed upon during such meetings shall be incorporated either in the preliminary plat drawing or in subsequent plans as approved by the Commission.
   (C)   After receipt of reports from such officials and agencies, the Commission, at its regular meeting, shall determine whether the preliminary plat shall be approved, approved with deficiencies and conditions noted or disapproved. The subdivider shall be notified in writing of the action of the Commission. If a plat is disapproved, the reasons for such disapproval shall be stated in writing. Furthermore, any form of approval of a preliminary plat shall be contingent upon compliance with all other applicable regulations of the village and/or the county.
(Ord. 18, 2001, passed 6-14-2001)