Preliminary Plat Checklist
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1.    General
   (a)    Transparency and ten prints of plat submitted.
   (b)    Survey done by registered surveyor.
   (c)    Engineering done by registered engineer.
Preliminary Plat Checklist
Preliminary Plat Checklist
   (d)    Adequate preliminary drawings of improvements, or equally adequate statements.
   (e)    Certificate of preliminary approval by the Planning Commission.
   (f)    Vicinity sketched at one inch equals 400 feet or smaller.
   (g)    Drawn on transparency at one inch equals 50 feet or other scale.
   (h)    Size of sheets larger than 12 inches x 18 inches.
   (i)    No ditto marks (") used.
2.    Plat Detail
   (a)    Name of subdivision (does not duplicate another subdivision in Danbury Township and the Village of Marblehead.)
   (b)    Location by section, village, township, county and state.
   (c)    Name and address of owner and technician preparing plan.
   (d)    Scale of plan.
   (e)    Date.
   (f)    North point.
   (g)    Location, width, centerline and names of existing and planned streets and public ways.
   (h)    Railroad and utility r/w and easements.
   (i)    Parks and open spaces.
   (j)    Permanent buildings.
   (k)    Section and corporation boundaries within tract.
   (l)    Sewer, water lines, culverts, and utilities shown with sizes, depths, grades and existing easements therefor. Proposed improvements indicated on separate sheets if needed.
   (m)    Names of adjacent subdivisions or owners of adjoining parcels.
   (n)    Zoning classification and proposed changes shown.
   (o)    Existing contours as specified in § 153.049(J).
   (p)    Natural and manmade physical features shown.
   (q)    High water levels shown where applicable.
Preliminary Plat Checklist
Preliminary Plat Checklist
   (r)    Boundary of plat indicated.
   (s)    Layout, numbers and dimensions of lots.
   (t)    Dedication or reservation of land indicated.
   (u)    Building setback lines shown and located.
   (v)    Proposed deed restriction or statement to contrary.
   (w)    Flood hazard elevation for the area to be subdivided.
   (x)    Soil information as specified in § 153.049(P).
(Ord. 18, 2001, passed 6-14-2001)