Application for Plat Approval
(For Planning Commission Use Only)
Date Received________________________ Application #_____________________________
Date Application accepted for Commission Action___________________________________
Placed on Agenda for__________________________________________________________
Application Is Hereby Made to the Marblehead Planning Commission
for Approval of the Plat of the below Described Subdivision:
Name of Subdivision___________________________________________________________
Section:_______________________________ Lot:__________________________________
Preliminary____________________________ Final_________________________________
Name of Principal Owners:_____________________________________________________
Address__________________________________ Phone ____________________________
Name of Surveyor:___________________________________________________________
Address:_________________________________ Phone ____________________________
Name of Engineer: __________________________________________________________
Address:_________________________________ Phone ___________________________
Name of Legal Representative (If Any):_________________________________________
Address:________________________________ Phone ____________________________
   Accompanying this application is one reproducible copy of the proposed preliminary/final plat and ten prints of the same. It is further understood by the applicant that the application for preliminary/final plat approval must meet the requirements of the Marblehead Subdivision Regulations and consideration of the application is contingent upon meeting these requirements. The application shall be placed on the Commission's agenda for the next appropriate meeting. Submission shall occur by the second Tuesday of each month.
   Ohio law mandates approval or disapproval within thirty days. Do you wish to waive that thirty day timeframe? Yes_________ No _________
If yes, identify the length of extension requested? ____________ The maximum extension allowed is twelve months after which the plat is disapproved.
Signature of Owner/Agent_______________________________ Date ______________________
(Ord. 18, 2001, passed 6-14-2001)