(A)   Resubdivisions. A subdivider proposing the resubdivision of a plat previously recorded in the office of the county recorder shall follow the same procedure as for a new plat, except that a preliminary map may not be necessary if changes in street alignment or like changes are not included in the proposal.
   (B)   Vacations/abandonments.
      (1)   Proposals of subdivision vacation/abandonments shall meet the requirements of Ohio R.C. § 711.17.
      (2)   Plats of street openings, widenings and extensions; open spaces for common use by owners, occupants or leaseholders; and easements for the extension and maintenance of public sewer, stormwater drainage or other public utility shall have the same plat requirements as stated above.
      (3)   Provision for the subdivision of land for use by utility companies shall be considered on the basis of the special conditions in each case.
(Ord. 18, 2001, passed 6-14-2001) Penalty, see § 153.999