(A)   Any person owning or having charge of land within the village shall keep the property free and clear from all noxious weeds and rank vegetation and shall be required to cut all weeds and vegetation on the lots owned or controlled by him or her. Weeds, vegetation or other grass in excess of eight inches in height are presumed to be noxious and rank weeds for the purpose of this division.
   (B)   If the Chief of Police determines that the weeds, vegetation or grass is more than eight inches, he or she shall cause written notice to be served on the owner of the premises and the person who resides on the premises by certified mail or by causing the notice to be personally served.
   (C)   The notice shall contain a demand to cut the weeds or to appear at the next regularly scheduled Village Council meeting to explain why the weeds should not be cut down. If the next regularly scheduled Village Council meeting is less than two weeks from the date the notice is mailed or personally served, the hearing shall be held at a special meeting prior to the next regular work session.
   (D)   At that meeting, the owner of the premises or the person in charge of the property shall present any evidence determined relevant by Council, as to why the noxious weeds should not be cut. The Council shall determine if it is in the best interests of the village to allow the noxious weeds to continue to grow, or to order the vegetation to be cut. The decision of Council must be by a majority of those elected to serve and is final. The Mayor of the village shall preside over the hearing.
   (E)   If a person fails to cut noxious weeds or vegetation as ordered, the village may take any action as set forth in § 93.03(C), (D) and (E).
(Ord. 4, 2007, passed 4-17-2007)