All village cemeteries shall be under the direct supervision of the Cemetery Committee of the Council and the Sexton, and shall be subject to the following rules and regulations:
   (A)   All interments, whether standard burials or cremains, will require a vault.
   (B)   There shall be only one standard burial per gravesite.
   (C)   There shall be allowed up to eight vaulted cremains in any gravesite which has no standard burial.
   (D)   Vaulted cremains may be buried upon an existing standard grave with the permission of the lot owner or someone with legal authority to act on behalf of the owner and depending on the amount of space available.  The amount of space shall be determined by the Sexton.
   (E)   Gravesites are available only to residents or property owners of the village or members of their immediate family, and each resident or property owner may purchase a maximum of four gravesites.
   (F)   Wilted flowers, containers, trash and debris shall be placed in trash barrels provided for that purpose.
   (G)   No trees, shrubs, flowers or other plantings shall be planted or replaced upon graves; all cut flowers shall be placed in cemetery vases that can be removed for mowing.
   (H)   Opening and closing of graves and resetting of headstones and repair of headstones must be done under the supervision of the Sexton.
   (I)   Only one headstone may extend above ground on any grave space. A name plate, flush with the ground, is permitted for each burial of cremated remains on one site.
   (J)   The owner or his or her agent, at owner's expense, under the supervision of the cemetery sexton, shall install foundations for headstones and markers.
   (K)   The scattering of cremains in village cemeteries is prohibited.
   (L)   The price of a single grave site shall be $300.  This price shall include care of the gravesite. Care shall consist of mowing, weeding and trimming of the gravesite, and shall not include maintenance of the headstone.  If headstone maintenance is desired, it can be provided by the village for an additional $300 fee, paid at the time of the gravesite purchase, or at the time of burial. This maintenance shall be limited to straightening and leveling of the headstone and/or foundation.
   (M)   The price for opening and closing of graves shall be $450 for burials. The price for burial of bodies that are cremated shall be $150.
   (N)   Any unforeseen situation, not specifically covered by these regulations, or any variance from these regulations, will be referred by the Sexton to the Mayor, who may give written approval for the variance or the action required by the unforeseen situation.
   (O)   Violations of any of the foregoing rules and regulations shall be deemed a minor misdemeanor, and any person convicted or found guilty of a violation thereof shall be fined not more than $100.
(Ord. 7, 2014, passed 1-29-2015)  Penalty, see § 90.99