17-11-13 Assurances
A.   Native plant assurances. The town may require that implementation and compliance with an approved native plant preservation plan be guaranteed by assurances, such as performance bonds, a letter of credit from a financial institution, or a third party trust acceptable to the town, as determined by town policy and regulation.
B.   Landscape maintenance assurances. An approved final plat shall require covenants or assurances which:
   1.   Ensure the continued maintenance of required landscaping, buffering and associated irrigation systems;
   2.   Assign responsibility of maintenance to the property owner, lessee, heirs, assigns, agent, a homeowner's association or other liable entity; and
   3.   Ensure that any plant materials included in an approved landscape plan that do not survive after installation are replaced with plant materials of the same or like species of equal size within 30 days of the plant's demise.
Ordinance 2022.006 amended Section 17-11-13 A.-B.